About dotWild

The Earth is facing a biodiversity crisis. We are amidst the 6th great extinction, and unlike past extinction events like those that wiped out the dinosaurs, this one is largely created by people. But we don’t have to accept the inevitability of mass extinction.

We know where Earth’s most diverse and special habitats are found. We know how to save land and conserve water, and how to manage plants and animals to help them survive. We know how to save ecosystems and species in a way that works for people, allowing economies and communities to thrive.

The question is – are we going to act at a scale that matters.

That is what we do at Defenders of Wildlife. We focus on America, but work in Mexico and overseas as well. We win victories that make America’s public land well-managed supporting the diversity of life into the next century. We work on the ground in places that are important for wildlife, partnering with ranchers and private landowners and local and national governments. We encourage agencies to fully implement the Endangered Species Act, using the courts when necessary to convince them to do so. We develop innovative solutions to addressing the impacts of climate change and other threats to species. We help people focus on what matters and help them act to solve complex problems.

Welcome to the blog of Defenders of Wildlife’s conservation experts who work across the United States, Mexico and the world to help save and restore Earth’s biodiversity. In this space, you will hear from some of our best people going in-depth into some of the most challenging conservation issues of our time. We at Defenders of Wildlife hope this content informs and inspires you.

dotWild is the blog of scientists and policy experts at Defenders of Wildlife, a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.